There's Always One

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It might be a friend, a cousin, an ex or just a random, but you’ll know one. They’re the ones who turn up at a party thirsty, yet empty handed and head straight to the fridge to drink someone else’s beer. They have no qualms about going back for more, or even to complain if their (stolen) beer isn’t quite the right temperature or the right brand.

Yes, there’s always one.

And we want to call these people out, it’s time to name and shame them! So we’re calling on you to “Go Supergrass” on that certain someone who never brings beer, and we’ll reward you with a free crate of ice cold Cusquena, and send your friend a crate too, so that he or she can go fully equipped to their next party with their own beer, which is perfectly chilled and undeniably the right brand!

Here’s how it works – we’ll be picking 2 winning pairs, one from Facebook, one from Twitter. Enter the Facebook comp by following the instructions and adding your comment under the latest wall update. To bag the beer on Twitter, simply write a Tweet containing your friend’s name (first name or nickname is fine) indulging us in an example of their shameful tight fistedness… Making sure you hashtag it #alwaysone so we can see it, like this…

“My friend Jamie came to all 5 of our Ashes parties and never brought a single drink – shame on him! #alwaysone!”

Don’t @ reply us please – we’ll be tracking the tag, and retweeting our favourites throughout the week. So make sure you don’t forget to hashtag your tweet, or we won’t be able to select you as a winner and then you won’t get the Cusqueña!

Ooh just one thing – we’ve only got a van, and can’t find the keys to our plane, so this is only open to Cusqueña fans in England, Scotland and Wales. Sorry!

Image: There's Always One