The World's Best Burger

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Sinking your teeth into a real, juicy burger is possibly one of the most satisfying experiences known to man. But on the other hand, biting into a really bad burger can be a frightening culinary experience.

So we thought we would help you out by showcasing three of the best burger joints in the entire world…

And the UK winner is… Smiths Of Smithfield.

Owned by the ever-critical presenter of TV’s Masterchef John Torode, this burger better be amazing – if it knows what’s good for it! And oh boy, it is. Located in the heart of the meat-packing district you can expect a quality steak patty, luxurious toppings and just all-round pure-burgerness. The location is one of London’s bloodiest – William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered here – but now it has become one of the capital’s coolest hangouts. Comfy leather couches ensure you are totally relaxed while devouring the perfect burger and indulging in a little gory historical reminiscing.

And the South African burger crown goes to… Royale Eatery.

Taking up a prime spot on Cape Town’s famed Long Street, Royal Eatery also serves pizzas and salads, but you can just skip that part of the menu. Go for a burger and go hungry! From vegetarian concoctions that will make even the most hardened carnivore drool to meaty sandwiches that require two-hand eating, this is THE place to satisfy even the biggest burger craving. There are retro booths downstairs, Amelie-inspired French dining upstairs and an open-air roof bar to end the night with a drink under the stars. Be prepared to dine with the cool people of Cape Town and don’t forget to order one of their legendary shakes to go with your burger – avo-mint comes highly recommended.

The USA’s best burger is from… Palena Café.

Located in Washington DC, Palena Café is run by renowned chef Frank Ruta. Don’t know him? He cooked for the Reagan and Bush families in the White House, but he left before becoming famous in order to open his own restaurant. The small cafe keeps things simple after the grandeur of the White House and everything is made in-house. Hand ground beef with Kobe-style trimmings create the mouthwatering patty which is served on a freshly baked bun with a perfect selection of pickles, cheese and mayo. When else could you say that you had a presidential meal for just $10?

Do you relish our world burger top 3? Let us know where you’ve had your best-ever burger.

Image:  The World's Best Burger
  1. Bryony wrote:

    Posted January 25th 2010 @ 5:03pm

    South Africa - Royale is good but you should try H just further up from Royale on Kloof Street. I even think their vegetarian burger (lentils, mustard, amazing!) is good!