It Only Takes Four Minutes Girl, to Fall in Love...

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If you’re looking for some instant romance with a twist this Valentine’s weekend, how about a theatrical four-minute dating experience like no other?

This Saturday, Live Art Speed Date takes place at the Stoke Newington International Airport, which isn’t an airport but a destination for all things arty. When you arrive, you’ll be given an old school dance card and the floor is yours to experience a whole host of theatre makers and artists with private, one-on-one, four minute dates.

When you’re not on an ‘official’ dance card date, you can explore and indulge in all manner of Auto Dates, fringe dates, and other fun and games, alongside live music and Dj’s…It’s the perfect anti-Valentine atmosphere for those looking to smooch without the schmaltz.

Live Art Speed Date comes to London following success at the Edinburgh Festival and the Dublin Fringe. And after Saturday’s event, they will travel to Tokyo, then the Bristol Old Vic for Mayfest (with Forest Fringe) and in the summer you can catch it at London’s BAC during their Festival of Intimate Performance.

Image: It Only Takes Four Minutes Girl, to Fall in Love...
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