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  1. Rams' Retro Gadgetry

    Tagged: Dieter Rams Design Museum design art gadgets electronics cool

    Love gadgets and retro design? You’ve got to love Dieter Rams. As Braun’s head designer from 1955 to 1955, Rams created some of the coolest looking radios and other electronics, which are currently being exhibited at the London Design Museum.

    Image: Rams' Retro Gadgetry

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  2. Your London Fashion Week

    Tagged: London Fashion Week Topshop Design TOMS shoes

    The words “Fashion Week” immediately conjure up images of effortlessly gorgeous looking celebs robed with their favourite designer’s gear and super skinny models strutting their stuff on ridiculously high heels.

    Image: Your London Fashion Week

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  3. Put Some Brazilian Flavour into NYE

    Tagged: New Year's Eve Favela Chic Brazil bar club restaurant Shoreditch London

    If you’re not sure where to party on New Year’s Eve, why not try Favela Chic’s heady mix of Brazilian flavours.

    Image: Put Some Brazilian Flavour into NYE

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    • Posted by at 11:12, 17 December
  4. Eating Underground

    Tagged: restaurant london eating dining

    The London Underground would be the last place you’d want to enjoy a meal, but the increasing number of secret underground culinary gatherings in the City are definitely where we would like to while away the hours…

    Image: Eating Underground

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    • Posted by at 02:08, 17 August
  5. Make Your Mark on London

    Tagged: graffiti art cool

    For anyone who has ever wanted to make their mark on London, this is your chance. Andy Seize is an East London based graffiti artist who is passing on his skills and experience to the public.

    Image: Make Your Mark on London

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  6. Get a Pizza the Shoreditch Action

    Tagged: pizza shoreditch hipsters restaurant shoreditch house

    Modern, minimalist restaurant, Pizza East, has opened in the infamous Shoreditch hipster hangout, The Tea Building.

    Image: Get a Pizza the Shoreditch Action

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    • Posted by at 02:11, 20 November
  7. All Things Alice

    Tagged: Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Fashion Selfridges London

    The stars are hitting the red carpet this week to celebrate the much-anticipated release of Tim Burton’s film adaptation of the classic novel, Alice in Wonderland.

    Image: All Things Alice

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  8. Fooled you!

    Tagged: April Fools Day BBC Practical Jokes

    It’s the first of April tomorrow and you know what that means – April Fools Day!

    Image: Fooled you!

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  9. PAC-MAN Forever!

    Tagged: Pac-Man Arcade Game Google Doodle

    It doesn’t matter if you are 14 or 41, we’ve all heard of PAC-MAN. And now Google have ensured that the next generation will also get their turn to waste serious amounts of time with that odd little yellow mouth.

    Image: PAC-MAN Forever!

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  10. Fly by Wire

    Tagged: Fly by Wire New Zealand Extreme Sports Adrenalin

    You don’t need to be an adrenalin junkie to want to fly… and now you can just pop to New Zealand to make that dream come true.

    Image: Fly by Wire

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