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  1. London Pop-Ups

    Tagged: VisitLondon Pop-Up Hotel

    New quirky trends are constantly popping up around London – and the whole ‘pop -up’ phenomenon is no exception.

    Image: London Pop-Ups

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  2. Eating Underground

    Tagged: restaurant london eating dining

    The London Underground would be the last place you’d want to enjoy a meal, but the increasing number of secret underground culinary gatherings in the City are definitely where we would like to while away the hours…

    Image: Eating Underground

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    • Posted by at 02:08, 17 August
  3. Got to Love London

    Tagged: London Florence and the Machine

    We have all probably seen hundreds of pictures and videos of London in our lifetimes, but nothing quite like this.

    Image: Got to Love London

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  4. Don’t Think – Just Shoot!

    Tagged: photography lomography art cool soho london christmas

    Our new favourite thing is Lomography. We hear people shuttering about it everywhere at the moment!

    Image: Don’t Think – Just Shoot!

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  5. 19th London Latin American Film Festival

    Tagged: London Latin American Film Festival cusquena peru

    The 19th London Latin American Film Festival is coming to the idyllic setting of Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios (6th-11th November) and promises to be as lively and dynamic as ever.

    Image: 19th London Latin American Film Festival

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    • Posted by at 01:09, 17 September
  6. London's Loo Life

    Tagged: london nightlife clubbing toilet cellardoor aldwych

    If you have just suffered yet another boring weekend, you should have considered simply going to the loo.

    Image: London's Loo Life

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    • Posted by at 04:01, 25 January
  7. Make Your Mark on London

    Tagged: graffiti art cool

    For anyone who has ever wanted to make their mark on London, this is your chance. Andy Seize is an East London based graffiti artist who is passing on his skills and experience to the public.

    Image: Make Your Mark on London

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  8. Your London Fashion Week

    Tagged: London Fashion Week Topshop Design TOMS shoes

    The words “Fashion Week” immediately conjure up images of effortlessly gorgeous looking celebs robed with their favourite designer’s gear and super skinny models strutting their stuff on ridiculously high heels.

    Image: Your London Fashion Week

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  9. All Things Alice

    Tagged: Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Fashion Selfridges London

    The stars are hitting the red carpet this week to celebrate the much-anticipated release of Tim Burton’s film adaptation of the classic novel, Alice in Wonderland.

    Image: All Things Alice

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  10. Night at the Museum

    Tagged: museums london sleepover super cool

    We all loved sleepovers as a child and now the big kid in all of us can get the chance to stay the night in a space launchpad, become a midnight Chinese warrior, or hunt for dinosaurs by torchlight…

    Image: Night at the Museum

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  11. Go Hulk Yourself

    Tagged: London Marvel Super Heroes Madame Tussauds 4D

    Madame Tussauds has become an establishment in London, but there are only so many times you can stand next to an unmoving celeb and smile…

    Image: Go Hulk Yourself

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  12. Cusqueña Bring 'Pure Peru' to London

    Tagged: pure peru cusquena vibe bar brick lane lager gallery

    A taste of Pure Peru will be taking over East London’s iconic Vibe Bar on Brick Lane from Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th July 2009 courtesy of Cusqueña Peruvian Super Premium Lager.

    Image: Cusqueña Bring 'Pure Peru' to London

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    • Posted by at 02:07, 12 July
  13. Put Some Brazilian Flavour into NYE

    Tagged: New Year's Eve Favela Chic Brazil bar club restaurant Shoreditch London

    If you’re not sure where to party on New Year’s Eve, why not try Favela Chic’s heady mix of Brazilian flavours.

    Image: Put Some Brazilian Flavour into NYE

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    • Posted by at 11:12, 17 December
  14. All Hail the Queen of Hoxton!

    Tagged: queen of hoxton bar club art london nightlife

    Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof were at the opening night and now the cool kids of Hoxton are packing out the new ‘youth club for the adults of the east side’.

    Image: All Hail the Queen of Hoxton!

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    • Posted by at 04:08, 11 August
  15. Steak, Steak or Steak?

    Tagged: Steak frites restaurant London Barcelona New York Bahrain eating out

    Sometimes going out for a meal can be stressful – with so many delicious looking options on the menu, you just can’t choose. So what about letting the restaurant decide for you?

    Image: Steak, Steak or Steak?

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  16. It Only Takes Four Minutes Girl, to Fall in Love...

    Tagged: Valentine's Day dating art theatre live music Djs dance

    If you’re looking for some instant romance with a twist this Valentine’s weekend, how about a theatrical four-minute dating experience like no other?

    Image: It Only Takes Four Minutes Girl, to Fall in Love...

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  17. Flippin' all over the world!

    Tagged: pancakes crepes paris london chicago

    Just about everyone has jumped on the Pancake Day bandwagon today, and why not? A dish that is so simple, so delicious and so versatile deserves to be celebrated.

    Image: Flippin' all over the world!

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  18. Shhhh... Tell No One!

    Tagged: London Secret Cinema Films

    Let’s be honest, going to see a film is not the most original idea and wouldn’t score you many first date points. But what about if the whole cinema-going experience was shaken up a little?

    Image: Shhhh... Tell No One!

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  19. Fooled you!

    Tagged: April Fools Day BBC Practical Jokes

    It’s the first of April tomorrow and you know what that means – April Fools Day!

    Image: Fooled you!

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  20. Love to Laugh?

    Tagged: Dating New York London

    Meeting somebody can be tricky and we’ve all had our fair share of hilariously bad dates, but nothing breaks the ice like a good laugh over a game of Hungry Hippos.

    Image: Love to Laugh?

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    • Posted by at 02:04, 16 April
  21. Midnight Munchies

    Tagged: Midnight Snack Midnite Cookies London

    There is something ridiculously fun about a midnight snack, especially when you don’t have to make it yourself.

    Image: Midnight Munchies

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  22. Cusquena Summer Party

    Tagged: Party London

    The sun is out and the beers are flowing – it’s time to party with Cusquena!

    Image: Cusquena Summer Party

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  23. The Heston Blumenthal of Cocktails

    Tagged: cocktails bar london islington bar with no name 69 colebrooke row tony coniglario

    At 69 Colebrooke Row in Islington you will find the mysterious bar with no name.

    Image: The Heston Blumenthal of Cocktails

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    • Posted by at 01:09, 25 September
  24. Rams' Retro Gadgetry

    Tagged: Dieter Rams Design Museum design art gadgets electronics cool

    Love gadgets and retro design? You’ve got to love Dieter Rams. As Braun’s head designer from 1955 to 1955, Rams created some of the coolest looking radios and other electronics, which are currently being exhibited at the London Design Museum.

    Image: Rams' Retro Gadgetry

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  25. The World's Best Burger

    Tagged: burger south africa USA UK best meat

    Sinking your teeth into a real, juicy burger is possibly one of the most satisfying experiences known to man. But on the other hand, biting into a really bad burger can be a frightening culinary experience.

    Image:  The World's Best Burger

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  26. Where Will You Be Drowning the Shamrock?

    Tagged: St Patrick's Day Ireland party Dublin San Francisco Scotland New York Chicago Birmingham Montreal Montserrat Sydney Tokyo

    St Patrick’s Day is celebrated the world over and we’re revealing the top ten cities to party in on the 17th March.

    Image: Where Will You Be Drowning the Shamrock?

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  27. Celebrate Peru's Independence Day with Cusqueña

    Tagged: Peru party independence day fiesta celebration

    In commemoration and celebration of the 189th anniversary of Peru’s Independence Day, we invite you to an evening of music, dance, folklore, food, fiesta, amigos, and of course cerveza Cusqueña!

    Image: Celebrate Peru's Independence Day with Cusqueña

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