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  1. Fooled you!

    Tagged: April Fools Day BBC Practical Jokes

    It’s the first of April tomorrow and you know what that means – April Fools Day!

    Image: Fooled you!

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  2. The World's Best Burger

    Tagged: burger south africa USA UK best meat

    Sinking your teeth into a real, juicy burger is possibly one of the most satisfying experiences known to man. But on the other hand, biting into a really bad burger can be a frightening culinary experience.

    Image:  The World's Best Burger

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  3. The Craziness of Summer

    Tagged: Weird Festivals Spain USA Galicia

    The summer festival season can make us all a little crazy and not just because of the sunshine or the beers!

    Image: The Craziness of Summer

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  4. 19th London Latin American Film Festival

    Tagged: London Latin American Film Festival cusquena peru

    The 19th London Latin American Film Festival is coming to the idyllic setting of Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios (6th-11th November) and promises to be as lively and dynamic as ever.

    Image: 19th London Latin American Film Festival

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  5. Non-Gimmicky Getaways

    Tagged: Valentines Day Travel Romantic Getaways

    It’s highly unlikely consumerism will let you forget, but we thought we’d remind you that Valentine’s Day is coming and along with it as many clichés as you can count.

    Image: Non-Gimmicky Getaways

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  6. Waiter! There's a Finger in My Soup!

    Tagged: Latvia Restaurant Weird

    One thing that is scarier than going under the knife is having to wake up to hospital food. But apparently that is exactly what the trendy Latvian elite do…

    Image: Waiter! There's a Finger in My Soup!

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