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  1. YouTune

    Tagged: YouTube Eric Whitacre 'Lux Aurumque' Virtual Choir

    We all use YouTube to revisit our favourite songs and videos, but very few of us ever get to star in one…

    Image: YouTune

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  2. Fooled you!

    Tagged: April Fools Day BBC Practical Jokes

    It’s the first of April tomorrow and you know what that means – April Fools Day!

    Image: Fooled you!

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  3. The Great iPad Debate

    Tagged: iPad New York Times Review

    You may remember that earlier this year we predicted the forthcoming Apple iPad to be one of the gadgets of 2010. Turns out we were right.

    Image: The Great iPad Debate

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  4. Cusqueña Bring 'Pure Peru' to London

    Tagged: pure peru cusquena vibe bar brick lane lager gallery

    A taste of Pure Peru will be taking over East London’s iconic Vibe Bar on Brick Lane from Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th July 2009 courtesy of Cusqueña Peruvian Super Premium Lager.

    Image: Cusqueña Bring 'Pure Peru' to London

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  5. Make Your Web Cam-eo!

    Tagged: web cam music video

    We absolutely love this cleverly choreographed music video featuring worldwide fans on their webcams for the Japanese band Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’.

    Image: Make Your Web Cam-eo!

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  6. Robo-Waiter

    Tagged: Thailand Bangkok Haijme Restaurant Samurai Robots

    Slow waiter? Perhaps he’s just running low on battery power…

    Image: Robo-Waiter

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  7. Fly by Wire

    Tagged: Fly by Wire New Zealand Extreme Sports Adrenalin

    You don’t need to be an adrenalin junkie to want to fly… and now you can just pop to New Zealand to make that dream come true.

    Image: Fly by Wire

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  8. Do the Diski!

    Tagged: World Cup 2010 South Africa Diski Dance

    The World Cup is only two days away which means there isn’t much time left to learn the Diski Dance…

    Image: Do the Diski!

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  9. Join the Joyride

    Tagged: Roller coaster Father's Day 'Build your own' kit

    Okay, so we admit it. ‘Build your own’ kits are not exactly cool these days. But when you add in the word roller coaster – we’re intrigued…

    Image: Join the Joyride

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  10. Skateboading is for Giants

    Tagged: Skateboard Extreme Sports

    What is better than a skateboard? A giant skateboard!

    Image: Skateboading is for Giants

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  11. What lies deep, deep beneath...

    Tagged: No tags

    Do you have the breath to base jump in the Bahamas?!

    Image: What lies deep, deep beneath...

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