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  1. Do the Diski!

    Tagged: World Cup 2010 South Africa Diski Dance

    The World Cup is only two days away which means there isn’t much time left to learn the Diski Dance…

    Image: Do the Diski!

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  2. It Only Takes Four Minutes Girl, to Fall in Love...

    Tagged: Valentine's Day dating art theatre live music Djs dance

    If you’re looking for some instant romance with a twist this Valentine’s weekend, how about a theatrical four-minute dating experience like no other?

    Image: It Only Takes Four Minutes Girl, to Fall in Love...

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  3. Celebrate Peru's Independence Day with Cusqueña

    Tagged: Peru party independence day fiesta celebration

    In commemoration and celebration of the 189th anniversary of Peru’s Independence Day, we invite you to an evening of music, dance, folklore, food, fiesta, amigos, and of course cerveza Cusqueña!

    Image: Celebrate Peru's Independence Day with Cusqueña

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  4. Get a Pizza the Shoreditch Action

    Tagged: pizza shoreditch hipsters restaurant shoreditch house

    Modern, minimalist restaurant, Pizza East, has opened in the infamous Shoreditch hipster hangout, The Tea Building.

    Image: Get a Pizza the Shoreditch Action

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    • Posted by at 02:11, 20 November
  5. Disco Yourself Fit

    Tagged: health disco club fitgymretro

    Surprise surprise, the most common New Year’s resolution for 2010 was once again a vow to get fit and join a gym.

    Image: Disco Yourself Fit

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    • Posted by at 01:01, 15 January
  6. Love to Laugh?

    Tagged: Dating New York London

    Meeting somebody can be tricky and we’ve all had our fair share of hilariously bad dates, but nothing breaks the ice like a good laugh over a game of Hungry Hippos.

    Image: Love to Laugh?

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    • Posted by at 02:04, 16 April
  7. The Craziness of Summer

    Tagged: Weird Festivals Spain USA Galicia

    The summer festival season can make us all a little crazy and not just because of the sunshine or the beers!

    Image: The Craziness of Summer

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  8. Robo-Waiter

    Tagged: Thailand Bangkok Haijme Restaurant Samurai Robots

    Slow waiter? Perhaps he’s just running low on battery power…

    Image: Robo-Waiter

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  9. Cusquena Summer Party

    Tagged: Party London

    The sun is out and the beers are flowing – it’s time to party with Cusquena!

    Image: Cusquena Summer Party

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