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  1. Make Your Mark on London

    Tagged: graffiti art cool

    For anyone who has ever wanted to make their mark on London, this is your chance. Andy Seize is an East London based graffiti artist who is passing on his skills and experience to the public.

    Image: Make Your Mark on London

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  2. Disco Yourself Fit

    Tagged: health disco club fitgymretro

    Surprise surprise, the most common New Year’s resolution for 2010 was once again a vow to get fit and join a gym.

    Image: Disco Yourself Fit

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    • Posted by at 01:01, 15 January
  3. What a Stitch Up!

    Tagged: guerrilla knitting urban graffiti cool flickr

    Whether you know it as ‘yarnbombing,’ ‘knit tagging,’ or ‘urban fibre art’, guerilla knitting is the newest, most inoffensive form of urban graffiti yet. This delightfully post-modern pastime is taking the UK by storm. Urban knitting interventions are popping up all over the place; on statues, fences, trees, lampposts and bike racks.

    Image: What a Stitch Up!

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  4. All Hail the Queen of Hoxton!

    Tagged: queen of hoxton bar club art london nightlife

    Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof were at the opening night and now the cool kids of Hoxton are packing out the new ‘youth club for the adults of the east side’.

    Image: All Hail the Queen of Hoxton!

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    • Posted by at 04:08, 11 August
  5. Calling All Beach Bums

    Tagged: Travel Montenegro Ada Bojana sun sand sea surf nudism

    We’re always looking for unusual places to travel to and the powdery beaches and surf seducing islands of Montenegro are on our holiday radar for 2010.

    Image: Calling All Beach Bums

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  6. The Great iPad Debate

    Tagged: iPad New York Times Review

    You may remember that earlier this year we predicted the forthcoming Apple iPad to be one of the gadgets of 2010. Turns out we were right.

    Image: The Great iPad Debate

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  7. The Parkour Phenomenon

    Tagged: adventure sport parkour the art of movement freerunning urban space traceurs urban sport

    If you’re not one to let anything get in your way, why not turn your ducking and diving into a super cool art movement, otherwise known as the urban sport of Parkour.

    Image: The Parkour Phenomenon

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  8. Pull Yourself a Pint

    Tagged: Pint Beer Chicago Bull and Bear

    While many of us might think that half the fun of a pub is to be served beer by hot bar staff, the Chicago Bull and Bear Bar has other ideas…

    Image: Pull Yourself a Pint

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  9. YouTune

    Tagged: YouTube Eric Whitacre 'Lux Aurumque' Virtual Choir

    We all use YouTube to revisit our favourite songs and videos, but very few of us ever get to star in one…

    Image: YouTune

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  10. Secrets and the City

    Tagged: New York secret bar Crif Dogs East Village Sex and the City

    How long can a secret underground bar in New York stay a secret? Not long…

    Image: Secrets and the City

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