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  1. What lies deep, deep beneath...

    Tagged: No tags

    Do you have the breath to base jump in the Bahamas?!

    Image: What lies deep, deep beneath...

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  2. Got to Love London

    Tagged: London Florence and the Machine

    We have all probably seen hundreds of pictures and videos of London in our lifetimes, but nothing quite like this.

    Image: Got to Love London

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  3. Do the Diski!

    Tagged: World Cup 2010 South Africa Diski Dance

    The World Cup is only two days away which means there isn’t much time left to learn the Diski Dance…

    Image: Do the Diski!

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  4. Fly by Wire

    Tagged: Fly by Wire New Zealand Extreme Sports Adrenalin

    You don’t need to be an adrenalin junkie to want to fly… and now you can just pop to New Zealand to make that dream come true.

    Image: Fly by Wire

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  5. Robo-Waiter

    Tagged: Thailand Bangkok Haijme Restaurant Samurai Robots

    Slow waiter? Perhaps he’s just running low on battery power…

    Image: Robo-Waiter

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